New Beginning @ Sleep Out ~ 2017

This is the second edition of Casa Ioana’s ‘Sleep Out’ to mark World Homeless Day (10 October) and raise awareness of the phenomena of homelessness by organising a ‘Sleep Out’.

We are gathering volunteers from the diplomatic, government, local authorities, health, social, education, corporate and business sectors, as well as the public.

Participants will be expected to bring their own sleeping bags, etc. The event will take place on 13 October, between 22.00 and 6.00 am.’

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Sleep Out 2017

Anul acesta, ma alatur Asociatiei Casa Ioana, pentru prima data si voi dormi afara, sub cerul liber, in noaptea zilei de vineri, 13 octombrie, pentru

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Sleep Out 2017

Sleeping out so that others don’t have to! I am the founder and president of Casa Ioana since it was established in 1995. We work with women and ch

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Sleep Out 2017

Cand am participat anul trecut la aceeasi activitate, imi zornaiam cheile in buzunar, fara sa stiu de ce. Apoi mi-am dat seama: imi reaminteam mie ca

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